About Us

Artie Hospitality is a unit of the P. Frederick Group, llc, whose principal has over 30 years
history of supplying quality furniture to the restaurant, resort, hotel, and hospitality market. We
are known for our emphasis on outdoors and all-weather seating and dining. We have partnered
with ArtieGarden International since 2004 with Artie being a prime supplier.

ArtieGarden International was created in 1999 in Guangzhou, China to manufacture original
designs of outdoor furniture with enduring quality as an underlying principle as at that time most
emphasis in China was on low cost. Today ArtieGarden International is a leading vertically
integrated, multi-facility manufacturer. Solid, proven quality control procedures, good
management practices, environmentally sensitive manufacturing procedures and continuing
education for manufacturing personnel and executives are part of the Artie culture. Artie
Hospitality is proud to partner with ArtieGarden International to bring to market exceptional
furniture which truly is “…for a better life”.